Round Tables – Perfect for Entertaining


The debate over round versus square tables is an easy one for me as an interior decorator. I relish the opportunity to incorporate a round table in the dining room or kitchen whenever the space will allow.

Round tables make guests feel more comfortable and at ease, as the symmetry and lack of corners allows everyone to be seated facing each other without a defined hierarchy of seating.

The lack of corners and straight lines in round tables visually softens the space. I enjoy using round tables in square rooms because that juxtaposition of form always works so well visually.

These tables are easy to decorate since they have a defined centre. The centrepiece you create will be equidistant from each guest so that everyone will enjoy the fresh flowers or candles you have set out while being able to easily pass the wine.

Round tables lend themselves equally well to informal or formal dining and work very well in open concept spaces and breakfast nooks. They are also flexible, allowing for ample “squeeze in” space. I prefer pedestal-style tables because the legs of the table don’t get in the way.

The general rule for comfort at a 48-inch diameter table is six guests. A 60-inch table accommodates eight chairs but in both cases the squeeze factor, as I like to call it, will allow for more.

Here are three of my favourite round tables. I’ve chosen a variety of sizes, styles and price points to show there is indeed a perfect round table out there for everyone.

The Saarinen Table

This table, available at Design Within Reach, comes in a variety of colours and finishes, starting at $2590. This easily recognizable tulip table is often referred to as an icon of American modernism. Originally designed by Eero Saarinen in 1956, it has remained a popular choice for those seeking to incorporate simple, modern lines into their décor.

The Ingatorp Extendable Table

This good looking, hardworking little round table from IKEA retails for $369. It comes in black or white and functions well in small spaces. It is also extendable with a hidden leaf to accommodate more guests when needed. It is a great option for a breakfast nook or small space.

Salvaged Wood Trestle Table

This handcrafted, rustic-style table from Restoration Hardware retails for approximately $2095 USD. It comes in four shades of salvaged wood and is crafted using pine timbers from 100-year-old buildings in Great Britain. This table is perfect for both traditional and contemporary décor styles.