Home Decorating Tips with Plank Design

We asked Sam Follett of Plank Design to style a space inspired by winter days at Nan’s house. She chose The Inn by Mallard Cottage as the backdrop for her vignette, in part because the traditional exterior and clapboard interior remind her of days spent around the bay. Here’s what she has to say about it. 

A good looking home design is all about mixing textures. The soft and plush rug, the wooden table with the danish cord detailing, the velvet soft chairs and the wicker basket. Don’t be afraid to play with texture when decorating – it adds dimension to a space. The clean white backdrop of the room really allows the colours and textures in this space to pop.

Don’t worry about mixing finishes, whether metals or woods. The table may be a warmer walnut wood but the lighter wood on the chair legs work well because they compliment the soft tones in the rug and also the danish cord and wicker.

Greenery is a must! And a snake plant is an easy plant to start with because it’s almost impossible to kill. Greenery, whether in the form of a house plant, fresh flowers, or faux greenery, adds additional texture and also warms up the space. Plants instantly make a space feel more “homey” and lived in. Don’t be afraid to use non-traditional planters, such as a wicker basket. Just make sure you have it planted in a proper container first so that the basket won’t get wet.

Mixing different price points and using what you have is also a great tip. These chairs are from a large box store and very well priced, yet the table is more of an investment as it is hand made here in St. John’s by Melanie Hamilton of Wooden Leg Studio.