Patio Lights: How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces After Sunset

Living in a cooler climate certainly makes us appreciate the warmer weather that summer brings. Why not make the most of every moment by using our outdoor areas such as patios, porches and backyards well after dark? A little illumination can go a long way in creating inviting spaces suitable for lounging or entertaining on those warm summer nights.

Layer lighting

For the best results, add lighting in layers. Install string or rope lights around patio walls, add lantern style lights on tables and pre-lit trees or branch-style lights on walkways and floors. Use uplighting to add a glow to trees.  If you have a pergola why not add a solar chandelier for a real touch of style? To create a cozy, intimate feel, be sure to avoid bright lighting placed at eye level. It will seem especially harsh in an outdoor space.

Think solar

These days there are a wide variety of outdoor lighting options available. Of course, running electrical wires can be complicated and expensive. That’s where solar options prove useful. You can find solar rope lights and lamps to add a warm glow to your outdoor spaces.

Create eye-catching candle arrangements

You can really add a charming touch to your outdoor space by easily grouping a few natural elements such as sand, starfish and shells in a glass vase with a few candles. To keep bugs at bay, consider burning citronella candles.