A Fresh Look: Living Room Refresh

“The house is well lived in, which I think is a tribute, really, to the house, because that’s what spaces are for,” says Marie Bishop, of Marie Bishop Interiors.

The family room in this house is a well-used room, where the family gathers to watch TV, play games and hang out together. But it was starting to look a bit dated, and the family wanted to give it a fresh look, something inviting and cheerful.

Marie had previously completed a cabin rebuild for the family, so she used that oceanfront property as the inspiration for this room. The green walls, once stylish but now dated, were repainted. The browns and dark woods of the previous iteration were replaced with light colours in soothing, ocean-inspired tones.

The round coffee table, big enough to play board games on, sits between a pair of sofas, their curved fronts cradling the arc of the coffee table to give the room a cohesive feel.

Side chairs in a complementary colour add seating, while also providing a sense of symmetry. The JC Roy painting on the wall gives the room plenty of colour, and adds to the bright and airy feel of the room.