A Traditional Looking Bar Carved With a CNC Machine

Tucked away in a basement nook, this elaborately carved solid African mahogany bar is inspired by the pubs of Ireland. The wood choice gives the bar a brooding, deep, rich colour, says Kevin Dunphy of KD Custom Woodworking, who built the bar in his company’s Harbour Grace workshop. “There’s nothing like the wood itself to give you the depth,” says Kevin of his decision to use mahogany instead of staining a lighter wood.

The header above the bar helps visually divide and define the space, and adds to the pub feel of the nook, while the carvings allude to the carved panels of the bar below it.

Kevin created the intricate carvings from his collection of patterns and templates, then carved them on the CNC machine at his shop. The designs pull from a variety of sources, with a border inspired by 19th century signs and floral flourishes reminiscent of Victorian architecture. A carving of the North Wind adorns a corner post, a small detail that Kevin likes to include in his pieces.