A Look Inside The Winter 2017 Issue Of Home & Cabin

The winter 2017 issue is inspired by snow days and all the things we do when a blizzard keeps us close to home.

Home & Cabin is all about providing readers with inspiring ideas for their homes by celebrating the work of Newfoundland and Labrador’s designers, decorators, furniture makers, tradespeople, foodies and landscape pros. These people, through their magazine contributions, help make Home & Cabin a great read.

This issue was made awesome by these people:

Furniture makers Wayne Daley (left), David Goodyear (centre), and Mike Paterson (right) have been featured in past issues. This time around, we take a look at the chairs they make.

Sam Follett, of Plank Design and the Newfoundland Staging Company, used the Inn by Mallard Cottage as a backdrop to create a vignette inspired by winter days at Nan’s house, featuring a coffee table by Melanie Hamilton of Wooden Leg Studio.

Preparing for a snow day isn’t just about storm chips – you’ll also need some comfy things. Sara Kirby, of Mod & Stanley, sourced essentials for budgets tight and loose in her High/Low column

For those who like getting outside in the winter, and for those who believe BBQ is a year-round activity, food writer and grilling enthusiast Jeff Hillyard has a chilli-on-the-grill recipe you have to try.

Charli Junker of Your Space Our Design and Kitchen Design Boutique tells us all about a black and copper kitchen renovation she recently completed.

photo by Tara Sue Photography

Laurie Sprague, of Laurie Sprague Design, takes us through the renovation of her own kitchen.

Krista Gernat of Dream Kitchens takes us inside an extensively renovated home to show us a kitchen remodel.

Using a palette of whites and stone, Doug Allen of Ulu Cabinetry created a kitchen design that blends functional space with living space. His design vision was made tangible by the crew at Sable Building and Design.

Marie Bishop takes us inside her home office space.

Designer, creative, writer, maker, architecture grad – the multi-talented Emily Campbell of Yorabode is doing a whole bunch of really cool things. She tells us about the antique desk that serves as her workstation and focal point for her multidisciplinary approach to work.

When not designing kitchens, Charli Junker can be found creating glam living spaces, like this bedroom, for her clients.

Pamela Dalton is always up for a good design project, whether it’s creating a lemonade stand, refinishing a piece of furniture, or redoing a room. This time around, she shares her favourite kid-friendly crafting ideas for the next time you’re snowbound with the family.

Teenagers need a space to call their own, and often that space is the basement. Katrina Giles of Seaside Interiors created a bright and colourful space for the almost-adults to play games, get creative, and hang out.

Jenneil Cooper of Sam Design really knows how to take a person’s likes and create a room they’ll love. She brought us to this home (which is also on our cover) to show us exactly how she does it.

Nicky Allen transformed a standard 1970s bungalow into a cozy cottage by redoing the kitchen, amongst many other changes.

We take a look at a mid century modern home, styled by Newfoundland Staging Company, that still retains many of the original elements from when it was built in 1964.

Collective Architecture share their concept for a cabin any stargazing person would love.


We also bring you to James Kelly’s workshop to learn about his approach to furniture making; contractor Neil Matthews tells us about a kitchen renovation from the tradespeople perspective; Mike Paterson enlightens us with a fun tale about early 20th century Clarke’s Beach furniture maker Henry William Winter; and we bring you new works from Newfoundland and Labrador-based furniture makers.

Now that you’ve had a look, go get yourself a copy of the winter issue at one of these retailers. Or, if you live outside Newfoundland and Labrador but inside Canada, get yourself a subscription so you don’t miss another issue. It’s only $10 a year.