Texture: The Key to Working With A Single Colour

Texture is to design as spices are to food – without them the whole room is flat. That’s especially true in a room absent of colour.

Transforming a room into a sea of white and off-whites takes skill and attention to detail, as you play on textures and materials instead of colour of any sort.

In an all white room, it’s all about visual interest. Since you can’t rely on colour to provide visual interest, you have to use texture.

Think of a living room with a white couch, white walls, white rug, and white cushions. Now think of that same room with a velvet couch, a deep, plush rug, a marble coffee table, faux-fur pillows (or splurge for the real thing, if that’s your style) and a cableknit throw blanket. Still all white, but now with some interesting textures to add visual interest.

But it doesn’t have to be about the accessories – texture can also come in the form of architectural details. It can take the form of wainscoting, crown mouldings, or an elaborate or streamlined mantle.

If your style is more traditional, and you want to try a single-colour bedroom, consider pairing a white tone-on-tone damask wallpaper with a fabric style headboard in white or off-white. Throw in some lovely silk drapery for shimmer and a sheer blind for privacy. Add in a nice rug, mirrored bedside tales and glass oversized lamps with a white shade and there is your recipe for a bedroom.

A leaning mirror in an ornate frame would be a nice touch in any style room to bounce light around. Going with crystal or glass lighting is a nice touch because of its translucent nature. It offers a sparkle and shimmer while being muted at the same time.

Under your feet, consider laying the hardwood in a herringbone pattern for added texture and interest. If a true monochromatic palette is desired, do a painted wood floor in a high gloss white paint. This will lend itself to the more rustic look but can be paired with any style including modern. Driftwood-coloured flooring pairs exceptionally well with whites and offers a more rustic feel.